Monday, June 28, 2010

Emotions Undercover!

Greeting people with a smile seems to be a difficult task nowadays, with the rising tempers, stressful life, no time to breathe, we meet people just because we have to with that sunken look of ours...sans smile, sans warmth. Yes, we have become cold, though the burning heat of life keeps us ignited but deep within we have become really cold. Why is it that sometimes we just feel the need to be left alone, why is it that at times we cry for no specific reason, why is it that life seems to drag when the going gets tough, why is it so unbearable to be happy and spread the we have an answer to the reason behind the dilapidated state we constantly find ourselves in.
The answer lies in our decisions, the choices that we make in life.....we choose to run after the tomorrow we just don't have an idea about and in the process we never find time to stop and embrace the present.
I still remember the last time grandma asked me to stay back, I told her that I would not be able to...I can't remember the reason why I didn't stay back that day, most probably because I had to attend a lecture at college the very next day or was it that I just didn't feel like staying back coz I wasn't in the right frame of mind...too preoccupied with the petty things of everyday life...but the very next day I got the news that she was no more..........
Maybe if I wouldn't have be too preoccupied with myself, I would have spent some more time with her or maybe that's how God wanted it to be.
Each moment in our life is precious, we have to decide how we would like to spend our lives, would we spend it sulking for a tomorrow or a past that left us long back, or would we live each moment as it comes with a smile on our face.... a smile has the power to confuse sadness in turn banning it from entering our mind.
Smile and spread it among others, live for the moment never know when you can just save a life with a little smile!

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is the day when he went away!

As a kid whenever I got news about someones death and asked the elders as to where the person has gone, the reply would always be that people return to God's home, from where all of us were sent...I would always be inquisitive about the fact that if God had to call us back, why did he sent us here in the first place...and the reason that I received was always quite prompt..."coz he wants to test us and our capability of being able to judge between good and evil, God wants to see if we really deserve to be with him in his beautiful abode called heaven!"
It's a very practical answer that we understand even better as mature adults, but whenever a life takes exit from the world, we do cry for them....we are simply human aren't we?
Today is the 12th of June...the day when Nana went away..far away from this world to the heavens above...its not been much time but it seems that ages have passed, but sometimes it also feels that he sits right next to me, talking to me through the beautiful memories that he left behind.
Our grandparents are a blessing and so are our parents, they are a wealth that makes us richer with each passing day, they are a prayer that keeps us blessed, they are the goodness that resides within us, its through them that we learn how to stand in this world and to differentiate between right and wrong...In fact they are God sent teachers who show us the right path in life.
Respect for ones elders would not only make us a good human being but also the one who'd gain heaven on earth.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sharing : An Exercise for a big heart :)

Selfishness is something that takes the human in us and throws it far away, so much so that our feelings, our emotions, the tenderness in our heart, everything gets thrown away!Such is the impact of being selfish that only the self remains while the soul stands in a dark corner, covered with an old rag that used to be the conscience.
This incident happened a long time back, but its effect was such that it comes to my mind quite often....I had gone to a marriage of people who are quite high up in society, which means they for sure don't have a shortage of anything in their life.While I was busy talking to my mom, there a big hue and cry coming from outside...the reason behind the furor were two poor kids who had come into the marriage and had taken some food to eat.....
I am not supportive of robbery nor am I saying that it's good for gate crashers to come in any function and become a part of it uninvited..but these were two poor kids for heavens sake, they could have just given them some food and should have asked them to leave..all the shouting and screaming and snatching of food ..what for????
In another incident a driver who had accompanied his boss, was questioned at the gate...he was so heart broken that he left without entering the venue and the gentleman with him excused himself and left with him as well...a good slap on the host for sure!
My grandfather made arrangements for people's marriages ..he was not into catering :) but due to so many acquaintances and having a good taste in things, he was approached for help...people used to complain to know Sir, you arrange for too much of food...what if it gets wasted???
His reply would always be, "so that you don't have to worry about the uninvited ones"..the remaining food was distributed among the poor.
God has taken the responsibility of looking after each one of us, we won't become poor by sharing what we have....but our heart would become ten times bigger and better for sure :)
Compassion, kindness, love, care..these are not just words..these are the essence of a beautiful life.