Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Answer!

Once I asked nana, what is more important, being happy or being rich, is it important to worry about material gains or is it better to give time to each moment that gives us the sweet flavour of happiness, is it good to let people be or being there, close to them, even if our mind tells us that we're not needed for the moment....
His reply was very simple and yet answered all the questions doing their rounds in my mind...he told me that there are two things that rule our judgement and our decision making is our mind and the other is our heart. Our mind is a more practical being, it has learnt to differentiate between the right and the wrong, it gives two clear aspects to everything, either a thing should be done or it shouldn't, our mind is also very formal in its nature, reserved to its thinking and setup, therefore the more practical, reserved lot in our society ask us to use our mind, while completely ignoring the interference of the heart.
Our heart is a creature who has its own say, it tells us what seems impossible and yet the thing that would make us happy....coz our heart is all encompassing, it knows what exactly we want, how we feel and how others would feel about us, sometimes it just goes beyond every boundary and signals about things that are going to happen and to our surprise most of the time it stands correct! Our heart has a negative aspect to it as well, sometimes it pulls us in several directions and yet roots us to one where we would finally land...that's our heart...the one that rules over our soul, coz it has the power to purify our soul with its love.
Do listen to your mind while searching for an answer but always consent your heart for its authenticity!
Being rich is good but can all the wealth in the world buy true love that gives us happiness....a labourer doesn't have wealth but he does have a smile of contentment, coz he knows that when he'd reach home he'd be welcomed by his family and would eat together with them...a rich man might be greeted by an empty home, coz his children have a lot more to do then to wait for their father...its good to have wealth but the amount that keeps us grounded and helps those in need. When you find your loved ones sad, its not necessary that you make your presence felt by making a big hue and cry or a loud announcement of affection, you can just be in the same room, or sit close would definitely make them realise that they are not alone to handle their worries, there is someone who cares.....leaving people alone and going away is never a cure.
We can get answers to all that goes in our mind, it's just a matter of striking the right balance between the head and the heart, coz those who love are rich and those who just run after material gains lose on the best moments in their life...

I ran to fulfill all my needs,
from day to night to the next eve,
and whenever I ran I got a call...
Dad come home soon, don't you miss us at all...
I turned them down and ran and ran..
until one day I could run no more,
and then when I called out to the time I missed,
there was nothing I had, to call my own.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love takes hold on Almost Everything :)

Nani was never fond of dressing up, but she looked gracefully beautiful in whatever she wore. Be it her traditional Sarees, ghararas or a simple shalwar kameez..... she was a wonder to my eyes whenever I saw her. Nana with his crisp Sherwani and Nehru cap, always looked like a real gentleman....I wish all the generations that follow share the same grace :)

What is it about the people we love that appeals to us the most? Well of coarse the important bit is, that they are a special part of our life and make us feel special it just the warmth in their being, or a tide of love that comes our way whenever we are close to could also be that God has created some special chord that connects our heart and gets all the love flowing like a perennial river :)

Yesterday, my mother was looking at nani's clothes and narrated the stories behind them, each connected to a special occasion or some just saved for the of the silk sarees seemed to be a historical evidence of the amazing craftsmanship of India...

Relationships run deep and get entangled in everything close to the people we sure is deep...very deep....