Monday, December 29, 2008

A legacy that needs to be restored

"A legacy restored", is a blog based on the memories of my grandfather, Mr. Abdul Sattar.As he sits with his hukkah, blowing it sip by sip, with the smoke forming images of what he calls the glorious past of "Jamia".I with wide open eyes gaze at the smoke, forming images of people, places and incidences...yes those were the days, and with a new found hope in my heart I'll try to give his thoughts a new outlet through this blog. There are repetations, iritation, time constrains ..all part of his age, but still theres hope to nurture the thoughts that have till now remained intact in his minds eye.Don't know if I would ever be able to do justice to his thoughts through my writings , but I wish to grow while I strive to reach my destination.
For now all that I can say is Bismillah...


  1. Bismillah...
    Inshallah You would do justice to his thoughts and through your quill you'll paint his words with myriad hues... that only voice brings forth.

  2. Hi
    Am sure the musings would be something that would be cherished lifelong and something that one treasures throughout his life. Eager to see the treasurable memories.

    By the way........thanks for posting a comment to my poem Mom's home.

    Have a great day ahead

  3. Thanks Lakshmi and all the very best to you!

  4. Hi,
    You will surely do justice to it...I should say, the words have come out beautifully...
    keep writing

  5. Go ahead.All the best


  6. Thank you all for your great comments!