Thursday, February 23, 2012

As time passes by..........

At one point of time, at a certain age in our life we have everything, everything that would make us feel complete. We have satisfaction, we have a life of our own and the best and the most valued according to me, we have all our friends and family around us.

As a new bride, when you enter a new home, there s a lot that seems to be put at stake,
you leave your parents, your home , your siblings and the things that till date gave you a sense of belonging. Though some might say that we don't leave them forever, God forbid that ever happens.....though in some households I don't know why there's a stress on the girl not frequenting her home too often.......but there's this bond, the everyday sharing of experiences, the fragrance that you found lingering in your house when you entered it after a day at work or college....all this seems very different when you enter a new home...except for a single person who gives you a sense of belonging...your husband.....but all these inhibitions too last, as we adjust ourselves according to the new someone once said, girls have this miraculous power of being uprooted and then to bloom afresh in an alien land.

But wherever we are the relations in our life keep sending in a fresh breath of air every time.

There comes a time when people close to us turn into sand, the more we hold onto them , the more they slip away, hence making us face the reality of life one day..."alone we came and alone we'd go back," but that's what life is all about .... arrival, wait, and departure ...

All this makes a human being very strong and we get to learn that throughout life, it's very important to trust oneself and to hold on to the values passed by those who saw more of life at their stage then we did.

Life is short, there are many people who would show us the right way and many more that would make it very difficult for us to survive (though they might be the best for others),
but all through our journey what helps us is our faith in God and in ourselves.

Cherish the company of those who are there for you today, as these are the very memories which would provide a healing touch like the kiss of the sun in cold winter mornings, till the day we take the same course as others before us did.