Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A box full of blessings:)

We grow up looking up to some people in life, then a time comes when these people start growing old. It feels as if something is slipping out of our hands, something really precious , something that we would want to cherish for the rest of our lives. The eyes that used to recognise you from a distance take time to explore our identity, once recognised they come back to you, full of joy."Aree ye to tum ho!", a few words that make you feel special.
Recently on my visit to the old age home, I realised that there is someone back home who needs the same amount of attention or even more, since certain duties start from home. One can never imagine the happiness one is able to fill in the eyes that keep waiting....for you to come and tell them that they are special and mean a lot.
There is a fragile thread that binds us with our elders, that needs to be nurtured with just a bit of time. We never realise this but the kind of stability that they bring to our life can never be brought by anyone else.
They are indeed a box full of blessings:)